Do Matters Of Faith Matter To Women In Democratic Strongholds?

Do faith-based appeals to religious females in Democratic strongholds – especially appeals to African-American and Hispanic women – lead to greater turnout among these constituencies?

That’s the question Market Research Foundation posed during the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election.

“Religious females in Democrat strongholds are a segment that is overlooked in polling results,” the study observed. “These females tend to be more African- American and Hispanic but the single most important feature is their strong religious faith. The goal was to see if their voting patterns could be influenced by saturating them with a voter guide on where the two gubernatorial candidates stood on faith based issues.”

Were those patterns influenced?  No.  At least not outside the survey’s margins.

“The test group did vote a few percentage points higher,” the researchers reported, although they added “the movement cannot be determined as statistically significant.”

“It is safe to state that religious women in Democrat strongholds do not consider faith when making determinations on whether voting is or is not important,” the study concluded.

To see the results for yourself, click on the link below …