Annette Glenn

Annette headshot

Who am I? My name is Annette Glenn. I’m a graduate of Boise State (public administration) and have managed congressional, legislative, judicial and lieutenant gubernatorial races. I was the Idaho state chairman of Youth for Reagan in 1984, vice-chair of the College Republican National Committee, and chair of the Boise State University and Idaho College Republicans. I was also chair of the Ada County (Boise) Republican Party at age 24 and served as a member of the Idaho Republican Party executive committee and as part of Idaho’s delegation to the 1984 Republican National Convention. I’m also a long-time scouting volunteer and home school co-op teacher, including English, history, and constitutional law. My husband Gary and I have five children and three grandchildren.

Why am I with MRF? I’m drawn to science and research – and want to lend my experience and expertise to a group applying it in such a worthwhile way.