Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Source: CNN 2019 SOTU Reaction Poll

Source: CNN 2019 SOTU Reaction Poll
Source: CNN 2019 SOTU Reaction Poll

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In Democrat-Skewed Poll Trump Leads Biden by Double-Digits with Hispanics and Independents

In another blow to the Biden administration, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll with a sample that favors Democrats finds Trump leading Biden by three points in a head-to-head matchup. When asked if the presidential election were held today and the candidates were Trump and Biden who they would support, 42%...
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Half of Americans Intensely Disapprove of Biden as Regime Loses all Credibility

The latest Rasmussen poll has President Biden’s approval rating hovering at a net negative of -22 points, with 60% of Americans disapproving of Biden while a scarce 38% approve. Even more concerning is the intensity with which Americans strongly disapprove of Biden compared to the share who strongly approve. The poll...
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Democrats Fear Trump Re-Run and Worry Biden is the Only One Who Could Beat Trump

“A lot of us feel that if Trump runs, there’s no one else that could beat Trump than Joe Biden.” – Biden pollster John Anzalone to Politico A New York Magazine report released Tuesday reveals Democratic insiders are bitterly split about whether President Biden will be capable of running in...
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Trump Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s with Gen Z and Millennials

A string of new polls show President Joe Biden’s approval rating falling by double-digits in the past year with Gen Z and millennials, even as former President Trump’s approval has inched up with young people. A recent NPR/Marist poll found Biden’s approval rating fell 16 points among Gen Z and...
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Governor DeSantis Approval Rating up 7 Points with Latinos since December

Democrats’ mishandling of the economy and the situation in Ukraine is likely to continue pushing Hispanics toward the right, and this opens an opportunity for working class limited government conservatives this fall. A new Axios poll shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval rating among Hispanics rose by seven percentage points...
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Trump Leads Biden and all Other Candidates with Hispanics in This 2024 Poll

When asked who they would vote for if the 2024 election were held today, the largest share of Hispanics (20.4%) chose Donald Trump. Former First Lady Michelle Obama came in second and President Joe Biden came in third. A new poll conducted by Democratic pollster and professor Eduardo Gamarra shows...
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Concerns About Inflation Signal More Bad Signs for Democrats With Hispanics

A new Axios-Ipsos poll signals Democrats will continue to lose Hispanic support as concerns about the economy and inflation surpass those about covid-19. Republicans are seen by Latinos as better at handling the economy, and fewer Latinos now say the Democratic party represents people like them than in December. The...
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Texas Primary Proves GOP Gains with Hispanics are Growing

Nearly double the amount of Texas Hispanics who voted in the GOP primary in 2018 voted in the GOP primary this year. A senior reporter at CNN has a stark warning for Democrats – their issues with Hispanic voters aren’t going away as the GOP continues to solidify support, especially...
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New Poll Whites and Independents Trust Trump over Biden on Ukraine

“The fact that Independents and Whites trust Trump to handle the Ukraine situation more than the sitting president could have huge ramifications this November.” A new poll shows similar shares of Americans trust Biden and Trump to handle the Ukraine situation, but Whites and Independents place more trust in former...
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Biden and Harris Approval Ratings Drop Among Core California Constituencies

About three in ten California Democrats disapprove of the job Biden is doing and about four in ten disapprove of the job Harris is doing. California is in the throes of an identity crisis that is pitting far-left big-government elites against an increasingly disgruntled group of independents, young voters and...