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Young Voters Were a Big part of the Red wave in FL – Zoomers Were More GOP-Friendly Nationwide

Exit polls show Democrats lost seven points with Zoomers between 2018 and 2022 and the GOP gained five in an important shift. Tuesday night’s blowout victory in Florida for Governor Ron DeSantis relied heavily on high Hispanic support and a victory in populous Miami-Dade County, but young voters played a...
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Beware the Establishment Call for Unity

“While the sudden call for unity may be politically convenient to keep the establishment in power, evidence doesn't support that young people want lukewarm compromise.” The political establishment is pushing a new narrative that they hope will stymie Americans’ growing list of grievances from double-digit inflation to obscene fuel costs,...
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Gen Z is More Conservative Than You Think and Willing to Protect Traditional American Life

Younger voters may simply be more willing to wield the power of government to combat destructive globalist policies and protect traditional life. New polling shows younger voters may hold liberal views on social justice issues and abortion, but stark gender differences divide Gen Z on these issues. Gen Z prioritizes...
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Latino Support for Democrats Hits Record Low Due to Economic Turmoil

Latino voters say they prefer Democrat control of Congress by just 21 points, a significant decline in support over the past decade. A new NBC News/Telemundo poll shows that despite Latinos favoring Democrat control of Congress, Hispanic support for Democrats has plummeted over the past ten years, while GOP support...
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Biden’s Approval Rating Has Taken a Beating with Hispanics and Young People and It is Far from Over

Leftists are finally waking up to the reality that President Biden’s dwindling approval ratings with Hispanics and young voters will likely result in lower support for Democrats and jeopardize their prospects in the midterms. A recent opinion piece in The New Republic warned that young voters are “utterly disillusioned” with...
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GOP Holds Strong Advantage on the Economy but Many Voters think Neither Party Deserves Control

A new poll shows on the issues that will define the midterms – inflation, gas prices, the economy, and crime – Republicans hold a significant advantage over Democrats, but a wide swathe of Americans think neither party would do a good job. The August Ipsos poll shows voters favor Republicans...
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Liberal Political Scientist Who Predicted “Demographic Destiny” Scolds Leftists for Abandoning the Middle Class

The cultural focus of progressive organizations “sends me running screaming from the left.”  - Ruy Teixeira A left-wing political scientist who predicted in the early 2000s that demographic changes would turn the country blue is now scolding Democrats for abandoning the middle class and failing to secure the Latino vote. Ruy...
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Jobs, Economy, and Inflation Top Concerns for Americans

"Self-serving elites in government and the mainstream media are continuing to downplay the economic crisis, eroding confidence in institutions." Despite President Biden’s assurance that two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth do not indicate a recession, a majority of Americans are deeply concerned about skyrocketing inflation and shrinking budgets. Last week’s...
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Confidence in Institutionalized Leftism, Mainstream Media, and Education Plummets

Americans are becoming increasingly critical of major institutions that promote left-wing propaganda including mainstream media and universities. New data shows just 11% of Americans have significant confidence in television news, and the number of Americans who say universities are a positive influence on society has dropped 14 points in just...
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The Divide Between the Middle Class and Elites is Only Widening Amidst Economic Woes

“As many as a quarter economically driven Biden voters don’t want the Democratic Party in charge anymore.” The divide between the middle class and elites is only widening as skyrocketing inflation, higher gas prices, and a tepid economic recovery push economic issues front and center. Last week, Market Research Foundation noted...