Weekend Polling Shows Trump Beating Biden on the Economy Again

The latest YouGov polling shows President Trump significantly ahead of Joe Biden on the number one priority for Americans – the economy. In polling conducted over the weekend, Trump leads Biden on the economy 45% to 40% nationally. Among men, Trump is beating Biden 49% to 38%, and among independents he is ahead 42% to 36%. This comes on the heels of Pew Research Center polling showing 78% of Americans say the economy will be at the top of their list of priorities when voting this November and Harvard Youth polling showing the economy is now the first priority for voters 18 to 29, up from fifth place in March.

While President Trump’s contraction of the Chinese coronavirus dominated the news cycle and prompted hundreds of Americans to descend on Walter Reed Medical Center to show their support over the weekend, he appears to be recovering at record speed. The President remained in good spirits during his stay and was able to continue working from Water Reed through much of the weekend. He was discharged from the hospital Monday evening and home at the White House by 7PM EST.

While President Trump is not completely recovered yet, his apparent rapid improvement is throwing a wrench in the Democrats’ narrative that the coronavirus should be the defining factor in the election this fall. What President Trump’s experience appears to be underscoring is the opposite – Democrats’ harsh lockdown measures should be rolled back so the economy can continue recovering.

The recent polling also underscored the disproportionate excitement with which Trump supporters are approaching the election. Republicans are planning to vote at the highest margin, with 78% saying they will ‘definitely’ vote this cycle compared to just 72% of Democrats.

Eighty-three percent of those intending to support President Trump say they will ‘definitely’ vote versus just 73% of those intending to support Biden, and 83% of those who supported Trump in 2016 say they will ‘definitely’ vote compared to just 73% of those who supported Clinton.

will vote

Small town voters and rural voters also stand out as groups with a disproportionately high intention of voting, and of supporting the President. Seventy-seven percent of small-town residents say they will ‘definitely’ vote, compared to 76% of suburbanites, 74% of rural voters and just 65% of city dwellers.

Small-town and rural voters are also expected to support President Trump by wide margins. Trump leads among small town voters 46% to 43% and among rural voters 56% to 30%.

small town and rural

The data also revealed a wide majority of voters – 88% – had no change in their opinion of absentee voting in light of President Trump’s covid diagnosis.

This polling, conducted over the weekend as President Trump worked from Walter Reed, underscores the importance Americans are placing on prioritizing the economy. The left is still attempting to seize on the rapidly unfolding situation to make the case for further lockdowns, but that narrative is losing steam. Trump supporters are significantly more enthusiastic about their vote this November, and the majority of Americans overall are with him on the economy.