Friday, January 28, 2022

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Huge Survey Shows Americans Say Culture is Under Attack and Life has Changed for the Worse Since the 1950s

“The research portrays in no uncertain terms a nation in a state of deep cynicism and fear about losing their country, characteristics which coincidentally preceded Trump’s ‘surprise’ victory in 2016.” Last November, a sixty-page research survey of over 2,500 Americans was quietly released by a DC think tank. It portrays...
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Democrats are Trying to End Gig Work and It could Cost Them Big with Young People and Minorities

“Biden and big government bureaucrats at the federal level are attempting to do away with gig work, but it could cost them with minorities, young people, and urbanites.” We are barely into the second week of the new year, and it is already clear the gig economy is under assault...
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Asian Vote Shifts Toward the GOP in 2020 and 2021 Could Continue with the Right Approach

Evidence of a marked Asian shift away from the Democratic Party is beginning to emerge at the same time as Asians substantially increase their voter participation. With the right approach, Republicans have a sizeable opportunity to build inroads with Asian voters, particularly Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Korean Americans who show...
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Democrats’ Borderline-bribery Tactics in Philly Last Year Part of a Failing Attempt to Keep Control

“The lengths to which Democrats had to go to maintain power in Philly reveal a party desperate to keep control, but they are barely holding on.” Pennsylvania was by far one of the most contentious battleground states in the 2020 election, but new analysis shows even in Philadelphia Democrats are...
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Loudoun County Saw Hindu Shift Toward the GOP in 2021 Virginia Governor’s Race

Market Research Foundation’s analysis of the 2021 Virginia governor's race showed lower-income and minority voters played a pivotal role in the Fairfax County precincts that became more Republican in 2021. We analyzed the precincts that shifted more toward GOP newcomer Glenn Youngkin compared to 2017 GOP candidate Ed Gillespie and...
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Bad News for Neocons Young People are Largely Unmoved by Globalist Arguments

“New data from the Harvard Youth Poll shows the vast majority of young people have little interest in increasing America’s role in ‘global politics’, and instead prioritize a slate of domestic issues.” The latest Harvard Youth Poll has some sobering numbers for neoconservatives who have used an American exceptionalism argument...
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Biden’s Disapproval Rating Among Independents is up Twenty-Four Points Since January

“Biden’s disapproval rating among Independents has risen twenty-four points since January 2021.” President Biden has lost substantial ground with Independent voters since the beginning of the year, and is on track to close out the year with a twenty-four point rise in his disapproval rating. Considering Independents also broke from...
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Fairfax County Precinct Shifts Prove Trump Paved the Way for Youngkin

“Contrary to what pundits have been saying, Youngkin did not “save” the GOP from Trump, but Trump set in motion significant shifts toward the Republican Party, and Youngkin was able to build off them.” Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the November 2nd Governor’s race can be largely attributed to...
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Fairfax County Precinct Shifts Away from Democrats 2021

Market Research Foundation’s analysis of the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election in Fairfax County demonstrates lower-income and minority voters played a pivotal role in the precincts which shifted away from the Democrat candidate between 2017 and 2021. Precincts which became significantly less Democrat have higher Hispanic and Asian populations, and an...
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Virginia Governor’s Race has Important Implications for the Midterms

“You can make the argument that with a campaign plan of linking Youngkin to Trump, McAuliffe shot himself.” – Bill Wilson, MRF Chairman Tuesday’s victory for Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Governor’s race is offering Republicans a playbook for the midterms in swing states: run a political outsider candidate with a...