Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Biden’s Disapproval Rating Among Independents is up Twenty-Four Points Since January

“Biden’s disapproval rating among Independents has risen twenty-four points since January 2021.” President Biden has lost substantial ground with Independent voters since the beginning of the year, and is on track to close out the year with a twenty-four point rise in his disapproval rating. Considering Independents also broke from...
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Fairfax County Precinct Shifts Prove Trump Paved the Way for Youngkin

“Contrary to what pundits have been saying, Youngkin did not “save” the GOP from Trump, but Trump set in motion significant shifts toward the Republican Party, and Youngkin was able to build off them.” Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the November 2nd Governor’s race can be largely attributed to...
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Virginia Governor’s Race has Important Implications for the Midterms

“You can make the argument that with a campaign plan of linking Youngkin to Trump, McAuliffe shot himself.” – Bill Wilson, MRF Chairman Tuesday’s victory for Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Governor’s race is offering Republicans a playbook for the midterms in swing states: run a political outsider candidate with a...
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Americans Have Hesitations About Kamala’s Qualifications for President

“Unfortunately for Democrats, while Biden’s polling numbers are in serious jeopardy, Americans do not appear at all confident Harris is qualified to lead the country.” Market Research Foundation recently pointed out President Biden’s polling numbers are in jeopardy, but a new poll shows Americans have huge hesitations about Vice President...
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Trump’s Favorables with Whites are 14 Points Higher than Biden’s – New Poll

“Just 38% of Americans – and only a third of Whites – hold a favorable view of President Biden.” A new Quinnipiac poll could foreshadow a difficult 2022 election cycle for Democrats as President Biden’s approval sinks lower and the immigration crisis comes to a head. As many as 60,000...
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Almost 60% of Iowans Say They Distrust Biden

“As Iowans look increasingly favorably at Trump, President Biden is struggling with one of his lowest favorable ratings on record.” The latest Des Moines Register poll taken a few days before Trump’s Oct. 9 rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds could foreshadow a lively 2024 election cycle. The poll finds...

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