Sunday, December 10, 2023

White Non College

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Lake Lost Because She Failed to Turn out Trump Voters in Rural Counties

Low propensity, rural voters are more difficult and expensive to reach, but they are vital for conservatives to continue winning races. Election day “issues” including...
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The Divide Between the Middle Class and Elites is Only Widening Amidst Economic Woes

“As many as a quarter economically driven Biden voters don’t want the Democratic Party in charge anymore.” The divide between the middle class and elites...
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Belief In the College Industrial Complex is Falling and That Has Big Implications Politically

“there is no denying the correlation between skepticism of the College Industrial Complex and skepticism of mainstream views and institutions.” A 60-page research survey from...

Record Turnout of Non-College Whites Continues to Upend Political Forecasts

Market Research Foundation Memo on Voter Turnout   In 2016 the unprecedented turnout of non-college whites played a crucial role in former President Trump’s election....
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White Non-College Vote Continues to Rise and Play Pivotal Role in Elections

Market Research Foundation Report – Analysis of 2020 Election Patterns and Roadmap for The Future  Introduction Market Research Foundation was one of the first research organizations...

Why Focus on White Non College Voters

Market Research Foundation was one of the first research organizations to recognize the potential for white non-college voters. Our team has dedicated years of research to better understanding the white non college voter and we have allotted significant time to testing the most efficient path to voter registration and participation.

New Research

Non-college white voters played a crucial role in 2020, and continue to represent one of the largest voting blocs in the country at 44% of all U.S. voters. What is more, millions of white non-college Americans represent potential new voters in battleground states as demonstrated by Market Research Foundation’s 2015 Pennsylvania pilot study. White non-college turnout rates have historically lagged behind those of college educated whites. If working-class whites are to continue participating in elections, their priorities will need to be understood and addressed in future campaigns.