Friday, September 24, 2021

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White Non-College Vote Continues to Rise and Play Pivotal Role in Elections

Market Research Foundation Report – Analysis of 2020 Election Patterns and Roadmap for The Future  Introduction Market Research Foundation was one of the first research organizations to recognize the potential for white non-college voters to increase Republican margins before former President Trump ended up doing so in the 2016 election. Our team has dedicated years of research to better understanding the white non college voter and we have allotted significant time to testing the most efficient path to voter registration and participation. The 2020 general election marked the highest turnout rate for white non college voters in over 20 years and contributed to an overall rise in the white vote from 65% four years ago to 71% in 2020. Nationwide, the white non-college turnout rate increased 6 points, rising from 58% in 2016 to 64% in 2020 according to new analysis from Brookings. Non college whites continue to vote overwhelmingly Republican according to...
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Case Study: Pennsylvania in 2016

MRF conducted two polls in Pennsylvania with the goal of finding a 2016 path to victory; one among non-registered voters and one among lapsed voters § Non-Registered – used listed consumer sample and purged voters using current state voter file § Lapsed Voters – anyone who has not voted since at least 2010; state records were used to identify these individuals Download our Case Study here. Sample Pages:

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